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Japa Express Sushi Bar

A chop-chop guide to eating sushi correctly

3 March 2011   

To really appreciate Japanese sushi in all its varieties, from seaweed-bound maki rolls to the refined tastes of fresh-sliced sashimi, you need to learn to eat it the traditional way we show you how!

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Glossary of basic sushi terms

7 December 2010   

This is must-know glossary of basic sushi terms that should be learned off by heart for any who is serious about sushi. Use this as your basic guide to sushi and Traditional Japanese Cusine.

Chopsticks: traditional Asian eating utensil; two wooden sticks held in one hand, used to dip and lift all types of sushi (maki, nigiri or sashimi) to the mouth.

California roll: a type of maki sushi; a nori-wrap with rice on the outside, rolled in sesame seeds, with cucumber, avocado, and tuna or salmon on the inside (see Rainbow roll).

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