A chop-chop guide to eating sushi correctly

3 March 2011  


To really appreciate Japanese sushi in all its varieties, from seaweed-bound maki rolls to the refined tastes of fresh-sliced sashimi, you need to learn to eat it the traditional way – we show you how!

Sashimi, maki, nigiri... the different types of sushi

Before you grab your chopsticks and dive into a platter of sushi, you need to understand what it is that you’re eating. Click through to our glossary of sushi terms, and learn your maki from your wasabi, and your nigiri from your sashimi!


How to eat sushi in five easy steps

Whether you’ve ordered kappa maki (that’s maki with cucumber sticks), sashimi or an exotic dragon roll – that’s with eel – your sushi will come with a small green ball of wasabi, slices of ginger and a side plate.

Step 1: Before you eat your sushi, pour a splash of soy sauce into the side plate first.

Step 2: If you like a little ‘zing’, mix a tiny bit of the green wasabi into the soy sauce in the side plate. (Sashimi, the type of sushi that is sliced raw fish alone, is best enjoyed without wasabi, to enhance the delicate flavour.)

Step 3: Lift a piece of sushi with your chopsticks, dip the fish side, not the rice side, briefly into the soy sauce and put the entire piece in your mouth. Most maki rolls have seaweed wrap called nori on the outside, so you needn’t worry about soaking up too much sauce.

Step 4: If you are eating sashimi, you can dip a corner of your sliced sashimi into the soy sauce. When eating sashimi, you can also order a side dish of rice to eat in between bites of fish.

Step 5: After eating a piece of sushi or sashimi, place a piece of refreshing ginger into your mouth. Now you’re ready for your next piece of sushi. Easy!


Sushi and sashimi eating guide