Sushi began as merely a method of preserving fish many centuries ago, it has evolved into a culinary art form in Japanese cuisine.
The method started with placing a piece of dried fish between 2 pieces of rice that had rice vinegar added. This helped to pickle the fish. This method drew away from Japanese traditional eating habits of the time.
But in the 1820's Hanaya Yohei brought a recipe which is very similar to how we serve sushi today.
He introduced raw fish and seafood called Sashimi to sushi rice and began what we today call Sushi today.
The nori or seaweed was added to keep one’s fingers from getting sticky.

But technically, the word “sushi” actually refers to the rice but we have now adopted the term to describe Sashimi combined with vinegared rice and nori.

Sushi making has become an art form and is about the culinary expertise and the Itamae-San or expert Japanese chef strives to master the skill that is preparing Japanese Sushi.

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